Production-grade nylon materials, advanced software workflow and new Selective Laser Sintering technology come together for a highly productive solution for functional prototyping and direct 3D production

  • プロダクショングレードの材料

    Produce tough, durable parts from a range of production-grade nylon materials that 持つ been optimized, validated and tested to ensure quality, with uniform 3D mechanical properties. The ProX SLS 6100 brings versatility to your applications, whether for functional prototyping or direct 3D production. Choose from industrial-grade nylon 11 with DuraForm ProX EX BLK or DuraForm ProX PA nylon 12, the flame retardant nylon 12 based powder of DuraForm ProX FR1200, fiber-reinforced DuraForm ProX HST, glass-filled DuraForm ProX GF, and aluminum filled DuraForm ProX AF+. DuraForm ProX PA can meet the standards of ISO 10993-5 and 10 opening the door to production of select medical devices.

  • 3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 Material Parts
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  • ProX SLS 6100 material quality control system
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  • Production Quality, Priced for Prototyping

    Automated production tools, new air-cooled laser, remarkably high throughput, 95% material efficiency, and repeatability, combined with a competitive initial purchase price, deliver a 20% lower total cost of operations over similar printers. The material quality control (MQC) system provides automatic blending and recycling while providing transportation of material to the printer without manual intervention.

  • Unmatched Part Quality at High Throughput

    With faster build times than other SLS printers in its price point, high performance nesting and high density capability for a 25% larger build volume capacity, the ProX SLS 6100 delivers production quality parts in a fast and efficient process.

    • Best surface finish
    • Highest resolution and edge definition
    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Uniform part properties
  • Production-grade 3D printing materials and high quality SLS printing
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  • Predictive support through advanced 3D printing software increases uptime and SLS efficiency
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  • Advance Your Workflow with 3D Sprint

    Use this exclusive 3D Systems additive manufacturing software to prepare and optimize CAD data, and manage the SLS printing process. Tools for high-performance -- such as high-density automatic 3D nesting, quality checks for pre-build verification, repair options, print queue tool for efficient build planning, cage structure generator for small parts enclosure, and more features -- bring increased productivity and quality to your SLS production process.

  • Maximize Your Production with 3D Connect

    3D Connect Service provides a secure cloud-based connection to 3D Systems service for preventative support to enable better service, improved uptime and production assurance for your system. Through 3D Connect Manage you can also manage and monitor your equipment with anytime, anywhere access to your print jobs, system performance metrics and usage.

  • End-to-end manufacturing with SLS nylon printing and advanced 3D printing software
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  • アプリケーション

    • Impact and temperature resistant durable parts
    • Covers, housings, enclosures
    • ジグおよび固定具
    • 減量した量産部品
    • ノブ、ハンドル、その他のダッシュボード/インテリア部品
    • Parts with snap fits and living hinges
    • 機械コンポーネント
    • Complex duct work
    • Small to medium run and custom manufacturing
    • 難燃性プロダクションパーツ  
    • 医療用機器
  • 特徴:

    • 選択的レーザー焼結 (SLS) テクノロジ
    • 最大造形サイズ
      (幅 x 奥行き x 高さ): 15 x 13 x 18 インチ
      (381 x 330 x 460mm)
    • Broad range of production-grade nylon 11, nylon 12 and reinforced materials
    • Consistent mechanical properties
    • High production speed for its class of 2.7 l per hour
    • Streamlined production control, including 3D Sprint™ integrated additive manufacturing software, fully automated powder handling and optional 3D Connect capability
    • 自動 3D 部品ネスティング
    • Maximized build volume and density
  • 利点:

    • 高強度な最終用途部品および機能プロトタイピングをより高速に製造
    • Easily print any design without using supports or post-processing
    • Integrated solution with expert application support
    • 完全自動材料処理により貴重なリソースを解放
    • 自動化された製造ツールによりワークフローを合理化
    • 高いスループットと材料効率による低い総保有コスト
    • あらゆる SLS システムの滑らかな表面仕上げ、高解像度、およびエッジの精細度

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