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Manufacturers across the globe have adopted clear 3D printed prototypes to deliver better products, faster.

The use of clear materials in prototyping has changed the way designers approach designs for lights, headlamps, reflectors and packaging items such as bottles, as well as delivered enhanced visibility into on-track engine tests and other fluid dynamics verifications.

3D printed transparent materials deliver an array of advantages to product designers and engineers so that they can ‘see’ inside a prototype to perform testing.

3D printing with clear materials can bring new insights and innovations, as well as significant savings in time and cost. Watch our webinar ‘Delivering Agile Product Development with Clear Rapid Prototypes’ and understand:

  • How clear printing can help you test, verify and deliver better performing products
  • The difference between clear and colorless and why more clarity is important
  • How clear printing can elevate your prototypes
  • The best scenarios in which to use clear printing and maximise the benefits
  • What clear material choices exist and when to use each
  • The benefits of clear demonstrated through real world application use cases
  • How 3D Sprint software helps to deliver the benefits of clear

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