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THE PRESSURE IS ON TO GET WEIGHT OUT - Less material with improved performance

This ebook is for curious and competitive businesses, engineers, and designers who want to unlock the advantages metal 3D printing has to offer. We will start with some basic concepts and definitions, provide actual and theoretical application examples, and share some design and manufacturing strategies you can incorporate to optimize your outcomes.

Driving up fuel efficiency, while cutting operating costs and emissions: in aviation, aerospace, automotive or motorsports – its the same challenge. And the answer is – lighter parts.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • Why lighter weight parts matter and fuel economy
  • System efficiency and engineering design-driven manufacturing 
  • Feather light for spaceflight: radio frequency filters
  • Optimized satellite bracket - rethinking solids
  • How to add lightness: Software, hardware and materials 
  • How to apply lightweighting