Empowering the Medical Device Industry

The 3D Systems Healthcare is partnering with the medical device industry to drive the next generation of healthcare products and applications. 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology enable new product innovation by accelerating the design process—bringing revolutionary medical devices to market faster than ever before.

高度製造技術で最先端を行く 3D Systems は、パートナー様が強力な最新医療機器を迅速かつ低コストで開発できるように、技術と工程の継続的革新に努めています。とりわけ、3D Systems は、患者様の治療実績を改善し、ひいては人類の健康状態を向上させるために、3D プリンティングの使用に力を注いでいます。

ソフトウェア、技術、サービス、プロフェッショナルによるコンサルティングのすべてを備えた 3D Systems は、医療機器業界が選ぶ最有力候補です。FDA の公認と ISO 13485 認定を受けたワールドクラスの施設を北米とヨーロッパに構え、3D プリンティング、エンジニアリング、品質管理、規制要件の分野で価値ある専門技術を提供しています。3D Systems は業界のリーダーを支援し、画期的な高精度ヘルスケアアプリケーションと医療技術をはじめとする多様なポートフォリオの開発に貢献しています。

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    3D Systems has manufactured more than 600,000 medical device implants for its partners. The state-of-the-art ProX® DMP 320 platform provides best-in-class material properties and surface resolution for metal parts. From the very first FDA-cleared, 3D printed titanium implant, 3D Systems has a proven track record as the partner of choice for medical design and manufacturing. 3D Systems accelerates healthcare innovation and enable the next generation of designs.



    Orthopaedic Solutions

    3D printed titanium implants exhibit excellent mechanical properties to enable the delivery of implant solutions for challenging orthopaedic applications, improving processes and patient outcomes

    • Titanium tri-flange hip cup on SLA bone model

    3D プリントによるプロトタイピングから 3D プリントによる連続生産へ

    • Produce implant prototype variants to evaluate implant concepts and sizes.
    • Finalize and 3D print the implant design in a variety of batch sizes.
    • The 3D printing process yields many cost-effective implant types, and is fully compatible with traditional (CNC) manufacturing. 3D printing’s shorter lead times also enable lower inventory cost.

    3D Systems の 3D プリント部品の機械特性は、医療用インプラントのすべての関連規格に準拠しています。

    • 3D Systems ヘルスケア DMP で作成した股関節臼蓋
    • 3D Systems ヘルスケア DMP によるチタニウム製股関節臼蓋ビルドプレート
    • 3D Systems Healthcare person holding hip cup and knee


    Spine Solutions

    3D Systems' technology and services allow implant developers to add increased functionality to their spinal implant designs. 3D printing technology is enabling the spine industry to design fusion interbody devices with a proven biocompatible and  osteoconductive material like Ti6Al4V alloy.

    • Titanium fusion implants can incorporate complex porous features.
    • High-strength titanium alloys allow for inspection windows in the implant sidewalls for evaluation of implant integration with host tissue.
    • 3D Systems healthcare DMP titanium spinal cage implant
    • 3D Systems healthcare dmp titanium artificial disk end plate
      Artificial disk end plate
    • 3D Systems healthcare SLS scoliosis brace


    3D printing can be used to manufacture single-use disposable surgical instruments, re-usable surgical instruments, patient-matched surgical guides, and other patient-contacting medical devices. 3D Systems uses stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and direct metal printing technologies to produce biocompatible, sterilizable medical devices from facilities in North America and Europe. Validated processes and a robust quality-management system ensure repeatability and reliability of medical devices produced using advanced 3D printing technology to provide healthcare industries with new approaches to complex problems.

    • 3D Systems healthcare direct metal printed stainless femoral broach
      Re-usable surgical instrument
    • 3D Systems Healthcare SLS single-use disposable surgical instruments

    Prosperos 研究プロジェクト

    3D Systems is proud to take part in the European Union funded research project in "smart" 3D printed implants for repair of large bone defects.