VSP Orthognathics planning image with guides


With nearly 10 years of experience in VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning), 3D Systems’ un-matched expertise provides surgeons with improved accuracy and surgical outcomes that results in reduced time in the operating room benefiting both patients and surgeons. 

An essential tool for pre-surgical planning and patient-specific models, guides and templates; VSP is a 510(k) cleared service that provides surgeons with clear 3D visualization of a patient’s anatomy to develop a surgical plan prior to entering the operating room. 

Following the online planning session between our biomedical engineers and the surgeon; patient-specific surgical guides, models and instruments are designed and 3D printed for use within the sterile field. Surgeons around the world are seeing the benefits of the 3D visualization that VSP provides.

VSP プロセス

  • Upload CT/CBCT Data.
  • CMF CT Scan Image
    Medical imaging data is prepared for the web meeting.
  • vsp webmeeting between engineer and surgeon
    Surgical planning web meeting takes place between the surgeon and 3D Systems engineers.
  • patient-specific guide design
    患者固有の使い捨て器具 (副木、ガイド) が設計されます。
  • Case report review and design approval
  • 3D printing models, guides and templates.
  • 3D printed models guides and templates are shipped.
  • Intermediate splint in patient's mouth


  • CAD/CAM 中間および最終副木による顎の外科手術計画
  • 遊離皮弁または骨移植による、下顎または上顎の修復
  • 外傷手術、ナビゲーション支援のための、留置位置調整および増幅 DICOM データを含む
  • 骨延長法計画、ベクトル配置おいびディストラクタ固定を含む
  • 自家材料を使用する小耳症治療用ガイド
  • 仮顎、最終的なシングル ステージ 顎修復を、切除から補綴配置まで容易にします
  • Craniofacial reconstruction including procedures related to craniosynostosis and cranial vault distraction.


VSP 製品