• Minimize Your Lead Time to Quality Printed Parts

    3DXpert is an all-in-one integrated software to prepare, optimize and manufacture 3D CAD models using additive manufacturing (AM). Supporting every step of the additive manufacturing workflow from design to post-processing, 3DXpert streamlines your process to quickly and efficiently transition from a 3D model to a successfully printed part.

eBook: メタルアディティブマニュファクチャリングソフトウェア

A critical element for successful and profitable metal 3D printing.

3DXpert 作業プロセス – 設計から製造まで

With 3DXpert you no longer need to go back and forth between several different solutions to get the job done. Now you can use the same tool to: import part data; position the part; optimize the geometry and lattice creation; create optimal supports; simulate printing and post-processing to verify the final part will match design intent; set printing strategies; calculate the scan-path; arrange the build platform; send parts to print; and even program machining of the final product when necessary.


新 3DXpert バージョン 14 - メタルアディティブプロダクションを加速

  • マルチプリントヘッドをサポート -シームレスパーツクオリティを維持した生産スループットの向上
  • 設計変更指示 (Engineering Change Orders: ECO)を加速 - 変更に素早く対応
  • より早く、向上したシミュレーション - 設計から製造までのリードタイムを短く
  • 配置ツールの改善 - ユーザー制御の改良と準備時間の短縮化

これらは 3DXpert 14 の新しい機能や改善された機能のほんの一部です。 

3DXpert を選ぶ理由

    • The only true all-in-one integrated AM software

    • The only history-based AM software

    • The only AM software supporting hybrid modeling without conversion

    • Unmatched speed to create, edit and view lattice structures

    • Patent pending 3D zoning technology to define virtual volumes

    • Unprecedented control over manufacturing process parameters

    • Integrated build simulation minimizes build tryouts

  • 形式に制限されない、優れた敏捷性、品質、速度での作業

    Seamlessly work with both B-rep (solid or surfaces) and mesh triangulation formats (e.g. STL). Save valuable time by eliminating the need to convert solid or surface data into mesh and improve data quality and integrity.

  • Facilitate Changes at Any Stage with History-based CAD Tools

    Easily apply changes and edits to the model at any stage of the process, using history-based parametric CAD tools. Avoid losing the work you have done so far in case ECO (Engineering Change Order) is issued.

  • Shorten Print Time and Ensure Quality with Optimized Printing Strategies

    Use the patent pending 3D Zoning to define virtual volumes  without dividing the part to separate objects. Assign optimal print strategies to the different volumes taking into account design intent and part geometry and fuse them into a single scan-path.

  • Reduce Weight and Material Usage with Structure Optimization

    Fast creation, editing and visual manipulation of lattice based structures (volume and surface texture). Lower part weight, material usage and printing time and enhance functional part properties while complying with the part mechanical specifications and maintaining its shape.

  • Minimize Tryouts with Build Simulation

    Integrated build simulation in the design environment provides fault prediction for the entire manufacturing process, and allows corrections to be applied easily before sending parts to print. Minimizing the costly and time consuming number of tryouts ensures a repeatable and accurate manufacturing process with lower cost and time.

  • 自動化と完全ユーザー制御の究極の組み合わせを活用

    Get an ideal mix of best practice templates along with unprecedented manual control to optimize the entire design and manufacturing process. Use pre-defined parameters specific to each printer, material, and print strategy or develop your own, controlling scan-path calculation methods and parameters.

Customers Testimonials

  • Metal Technology Inc. (MTI)

    Metal Technology Inc. (MTI) reduced print processing times as much as 75% and saw productivity gains of 40% using the unique capabilities of 3D Systems' ProX DMP Series printers and 3DXpert all-in-one metal additive manufacturing software.

  • 3RD Dimension Industrial 3D Printing

    "3DXpert is a great addition. It allows support generation, and provides real control of geometry including applying parameters to control print properties"

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