U/S Mentor – VR Add-on Coming soon

An innovative Virtual Reality Ultrasound Training Solution – providing Immersive, Fun and Affordable training like never before.

The U/S Mentor VR defines the new concept for ultrasound training. The trainee practicing on the U/S Mentor™ simulator wears a VR headset, and is fully immersed in an operating room environment including a patient, equipment and real life sound distractions. This setting provides the most true-to-life experience and teaches trainees how to cope with the stressful, and at times distracting, operating room atmosphere.

U/S Mentor VR
U/S Mentor VR
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    U/S Mentor Platform

    The U/S Mentor™ simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies.

    Training on the simulator provides a true-to-life experience, using emulated ultrasound probes for transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and transvaginal procedures.

    The platform includes an innovative all-in-one computer with large high definition multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a foot switch for simple, convenient user operation.

Ultrasound Guided Interventions on the U/S Mentor – Coming soon

A first ever 3D virtual training platform for ultrasound guided interventions. Learning, training and assessment of technical and procedural skills.

First Reveal – Thoracentesis

The Thoracentesis simulation supports needle access under ultrasound guidance for pleural effusion evaluation and treatment.

Ultrasound Guided Interventions